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Smart Switches

Sirius devices can seamlessly integrate inside a switchboard. By wiring it to your existing switches and connecting with Wi-Fi, you gain remote access and control over your switches from anywhere in the world.

Digital Smart Switches

Sirius 5S Classic

Sirius 5S Classic enables remote and local management of up to 5 low-power appliances with just a tap on your smartphone.

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Sirius 5S Lite

Sirius 5S Lite enables remote and local management of up to 5 low-power appliances with just a tap on your smartphone. 

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Sirius 1s Classic

Sirius 1S Classic enables remote and local management of up to 1 high-power appliance, such as an AC, geyser, oven, heater, etc.

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Sirius 1S Lite

Sirius 1S Lite enables remote and local management of 1 low-power appliance such as different types of lights and dimmable fans.

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Sirius 3S Lite

Sirius 3S Lite enables remote and local management of up to 3 low-power appliances with just a tap on your smartphone.

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Smart Switches

Smart switch controllers are at the forefront of home automation, streamlining the control of lighting, fans, and appliances for unparalleled convenience. The best smart switches elevate your home's efficiency, offering compatibility with the leading devices and systems. Smart switches for home automation, particularly wifi-enabled smart switches, enable remote management of your home’s devices, making them indispensable for a modern lifestyle.

Smart home switches, including the innovative smart ceiling fan switch, integrate seamlessly into your living spaces, allowing for easy adjustments through smartphone apps or voice commands. These home automation switches enhance your home's functionality, especially when paired with popular voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa, allowing for a smart switch for Google Home or an Alexa smart switch to activate with simple voice commands.

In essence, switch controllers transform ordinary homes into smart homes, combining advanced technology with ease of use for a more connected, efficient home environment.

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Discover our home-grown, intelligent smart home technology. Learn how it adds immense value to your life.

Control your appliances from anywhere in the world.

When away from home, Sirius 5S Classic lets you control your appliances remotely from your phone. You can easily turn off the lights or switch on the fan with just a few taps, so you don't have to worry about leaving appliances switched on or coming back to an uncomfortable home

Manage your home's energy usage.

Upgrade to Sirius 5s Classic and monitor your appliances' energy usage with surgeon level precision. Identify energy-hogging appliances and adjust your usage patterns to reduce your carbon footprint and save on utility bills.

Deter burglars from your home.

With Sirius 5S Classic, you can activate the mockupancy feature to simulate your presence at home even when you're away. By randomly turning lights on and off, this feature acts as a deterrent against potential security threats and keeps your home safe.

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Transform your space into a smart haven without any rewiring. Our devices are designed to be user-friendly and can be installed in minutes.

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Make your home smart without any structural changes with Phynart's retrofit design. Easy installation for a convenient and hassle-free smart home experience.

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Upgrade your home without having to replace any of your existing appliances! Phynart's devices work seamlessly with your current setup, providing you with all the benefits of smart home technology, without any additional hassle or expenses.

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