Home automation made simple.

At Phynart, we bring the magic of IoT to every home, making cutting-edge technology accessible to all. With our competitive, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly products, we’re rewriting the rules of home automation.

Our talented and driven team will help elevate your space. Whether you’re looking for seamless automation of your home or office, our IoT products will meet your needs.

Our Journey.



Our Phynart journey started in January 2016. We saw ourselves as an Indian consumer electronics brand, driven to create excellence worldwide. With a small team of 3 fierce fighters, we faced every challenge, learning from countless errors while never losing hope.

In 2019, we found our system to be quite expensive. And we soon realized that our mission was to roll out innovative devices that bring magic to everyone’s life. Thus, we decided to start afresh.



Covid-19 affected the whole world and for us, it made us question whether our fresh start was indeed the right call! Our dedicated team made our decision the right one, as we strived to rebuild with our Covid-19 masks on.

By the end of 2020, our base platform was ready. Our small team of 3 had scaled up to 13. And we were on our way to creating an open, flexible and scalable IoT operating system.


Bright side

In the beginning of 2021, we launched PhyOS, our first OS. After countless iterations of our hardware design, we finally got perfect product reliability. The products worked well in every climatic condition, and we were able to freeze our designs for production.

In addition to increasing reliability, we also brought down the manufacturing costs based on our past experiences. By the end of 2021, we were now ready to fulfill our mission of building great products for the masses.



We were on a mission to scale the team, shift our office to a bigger space, launch our products and get started on the next phase of production.


New beginning

This year began with a bang as we launched our products and received great acclaim. From a single stall in a flea market, we are on our way to opening our first flagship store in the Phoenix Marketcity (Viman Nagar, Pune).

Going forward, our mission for 2023 is to continue on the upward trajectory and to bring magic to the masses.

Artists behind the art.

Ashish Sharma

The brain behind Phynart. His love for crafting exceptional experiences that beautifully blend form and function fuels the company's pursuit of excellence.


Ajit Wadekar

Chief hardware engineer with 7+ years of experience in driving innovation and operations. His expertise has shaped trailblazing hardware solutions at Phynart.


Prasann Chaphe

Chief software engineer, with 7+ years of experience in driving software innovation, Prasann has helped the company build efficient and scalable products.


Kundan Kumar

Kundan specializes in crafting seamless and user-centric mobile solutions for Android and iOS, driving engagement and enhancing product functionality.


Pramod Yadav

Pramod is a master of flawless digital solutions. With extensive testing expertise, he excels in identifying issues and driving product excellence.


Swarajit Roy

Roy is the lead designer at Phynart, driving innovative design and creating captivating and functional products. captivating and functional products.


Sachin Katte

Sachin excels in designing user-centric interfaces, which also makes him an outstanding marketer who places users at the forefront.


Guru Behara

Guru is an accomplished sales lead who drives his team to exceed revenue targets by forging strong relationships and delivering tailored solutions.


Beyond the business.

At Phynart, we believe a business is nothing if it cannot make a real impact daily lives beyond making and selling products. To start with making a real impact outside of the company we have partnered with UNICEF to empower children through education. We hope to do much more going forward.