Privacy Policy

We Are Family And You Can Always Rely
on Family

We know how important Trust is for you. We understand the value of your Privacy. We thrive to achieve this in Unique way.

Not Only are our products a perfect blend of physics with art, but they are also a member of your family, one which you have full control on. They know what you need, when you need it. They know your likes and dislikes, can act upon your presence and are at your service at the touch of a button. We understand the significance it holds when someone chooses to trust you. It is what holds a relationship together. Since you have placed your trust in us, rest assured we work day and night to make sure we never lose it.

We respect your Privacy

No close family member would ever spill the beans on your personal information. Well, our products are the same. In fact, in nerd terms, your are only known to our database through an ID number.

We Safeguard all Sensitive information

All for one & one for all. When it comes to family, its us against the world. At Phynart, your information is your property and its not for sale Ever! and even if someone wants to eavesdrop by force, we have rigorous security measures which use state of the art encryption standards to keep them at bay. These measures are also kept up to date with the latest threats so that we can function better as guardians of the family and are ready to go to any lenghts to maintain this.

We Obey the House Rule

Our products will obey your commands at all times and would never go outside the limitations that you set for them. We understand how important it is for you to have a technology that finally listens to you. Hence at Phynart, we help you achieve complete control over your house, even when you are miles away from it. And what's more? You can even lock us out of the house by deactivating your account anytime you deem fit. We stop collecting any personal information during this period.

We Maintain Harmony in the House

Not just another rule in fact this is one of the core principles at Phynart. We aim to provide you with quality home environment that is free of complications and imparts a carefree aura. Our intuitive and minimalistic designs achieve this by being clean and simple. We have no match in the industry when it comes to providing a Zen experience.

We Keep Learning from You

Why do we even collect your data? It helps our products to better understand their new family members. Personalized insights help us upgrade the features and constantly improve our deliverables to make your life smoother. There is no second purpose where data is utilized.

Phynart may not be the family that you get, but it can surely be the family that you choose. We cannot wait to start such an intimate journey with you!

Now that know you what our principles are, continue to read our privacy policy