The future is full of life changing technologies to give you Peace of Mind

We are creating one of them

Hassle free Smart Home Devices

We at Phynart are building the future in the field of Home Automation.
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Say Hello to the U.F.O.
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Beautiful, seamless, buttonless interactions with limitless possibilities

The U.F.O. will take you anywhere you want to go within the universe of your home without having you to be physically present there and will help you take control of your appliances in a way you never imagined before.

Our Design Philosophy

"Our product designs are based on the idea, that a product adds a lot of value to a customer's life if done in the right way, and if we can make our products come alive, there's nothing like it"

The U.F.O. can help you control

Our Philosophy at Phynart
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The only things that can compare with the grand universe are the creative works of the human spirit. We are here to change the way humans live using what we create, by merging physics and art like never before.
Things we really aim to achieve at Phynart are:

  • Create devices that people can use with ease.

  • Create devices that act like extensions of the human body that makes the user comfortable in blending with the product.

  • Create rich and unforgettable user experiences right from when you log onto our site, to when you dispose of our environment friendly product after years.

  • Create aesthetically Zen looking product and user interface designs, which are minimal to the core and equally beautiful to look at.

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